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"The UnseenShield" is The moto of Israeli Security Agency (ISA). With years of  service we have made it our personal and proffesional DNA. We added other values from our service - Innovation and creative thinking, proactivity, assertive attitude and striving towards contact,  uncompromising professionalism and attention to details. all this in order to provide an optimal secure enviornment to our clients.

Our Mission

Provide our clients an optimal secure enviornment while not affecting their normal life routine and way of life

The Challange

Whether you are a community, religious or business leader, you have defiantly sensed the rising of threat level recently.

Communities and businesses are attacked or threatened frequently. Threats emerge in known and new fronts, more complex than ever and are changing and quickly. This calls for a new paradigm in security.

New Paradigm basic assumptions

Our experience in the Israeli security and special forces community shows that no act of aggression is done in vacuum. There will always be early indicators.

Recent technological advancements are enabling capabilities once possessed only by governments trickle down and can be used by both adversarial sides – aggressors and defenders. Individuals and/or non governmental organizations

The role of securty is to conduct itself in the lowast profile, causing minimal or no interruption to the life and routine of the secured object.

Based on this fact a holistic paradigm to security was drafted.

Our Approach

Traditional security is about close protection and deterrence. The taditional paradigm assumes that an attack is imminent and will occur without a warning. Security personnel, in case of an incident, will be REACTIVE. This calls for facilities to be fortified in order to withstand the violence. Minimal proactive measures, such as questioning and screening, are taken on the rim of the secured object, allowing risk factors to get to dangerous proximity of the secure object.

This has been true for decades, however, recent technological advancements enable us to enhance our capavilities and embrace traditional security as a part of a new security array.

The new paradigm, used by us, is PROACTIVE and uses methodologies based on israeli security community approach. They look for early risk indicators, and allow security array to detect and prevent both physical and digital/cyber-attacks before they begin. This is done while acknowledging the power of traditional security, and preserving it and its role in deterrence and an effective and indispensable last resort.

This new way of looking at security detects any irregularities and early warning indicators for a future attack. The indicators are derived from physical measures such as cameras using video analytics and AI, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and cyber indicators.

Our Story

Our Partners

In order to provide the best service to our clients we have partnered with associates to enhance your security bubble in a wide range of complementing fields such as - Cyber Security, Open Source Intelligence, Survaillance and Video analitics, Phisycal security, Offensive Intelligence detection and more.

Global Preemptive Intelligence and Security

Global Preemptive Intelligence and Security

Portable Anti Ram Barrier

Portable Anti Ram Barrier

Blue and White Robotics

Blue and White Robotics -
Drone survaillance solutions

ActiveDefence – Security Awareness and Surveillance Detection

ActiveDefence - Security Awareness and Surveillance detection


 Forced Entry, Blast & Ballistic Resistant facades, windows and doors

security solutions usa

Grant Advisory and execution


Physical Security Construction


Global Polygraph & Security LLC

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